This morning I received my first batch of RFIDuino circuit boards. I quickly assembled one to see if my zero-defect design philosophy still holds… and yes, it did!

Even without tweaking the component values, I got clear readings from
several types of Mifare tags I have lying around (1K, 4K and
UltraLight). Shown here is a Arduino Diecimila next to my RFIDuino, and a ikTag, which is a Mifare 1K RFID tag.
The RFIDuino plugs upside-down onto the Arduino, and has its LEDs mounted through-hole, literally.

In the next few days I will do some more testing and finalize the kit
contents. RFIDuino will be in my web shop very soon! I will offer the
kit for €45 plus €5 for shipping.
I will also write up some more elaborate code examples, possibly a full-fledged Arduino library, to make life easier for you
RFID coders 🙂